Chairman’s Message

Sheikh Nadir Hossain Lipu

is the Honorable Chairman of CHANNEL S


(He is also Honorable Chairman of Bangladesh Milk Producers’ Co-Operative Union Ltd. (Milk Vita) and BANGLADESH NATIONAL COOPERATIVE UNION)


CHANNEL S is the proposed satellite Television, it is Completely Entertainment Television. We are waiting for commercial transmission and finally approved. Very soon Channel S will be put in Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (Bangladeshi Owned Satellite). Hopefully, Channel S will coverage all over Bangladesh within the short time.


CHANNEL S (Proposed name of the private satellite Television Channel) Establishment of an Entertainment based broadcasting satellite Television station in Dhaka under private ownership with complete in-house creative resources and technical facility.


Program (Package & serial Drama, Telefilm, Reality show, street show, musical program, Baul program and all kinds of Entertainment TV Programs), Cinema & News based all types of Video Program Production in Bangladesh and foreign market. Transmission of all category TV Programs via satellite.


Satellite transmission and free to on-air reception within Asia is covering the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada and America region will be cover through double-hop satellite transmission/Internet/DTH/fiber connectivity on conditional subscription policy earning foreign currency.


The uplink setup will be at Dhaka and content distribution will be through local cable operators in District Headquarters and highly densely populated areas and some overseas territories, including Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada & America.